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Solar Inverters

Green Ray Solar Inverters systems are reliable and designed for domestic & industrial application. The system comprises of Solar Inverter System, PV Module (Solar Cells), charge controller, battery. The solar module is installed in the open on roof/terrace - exposed to sunlight and the Inverter + battery is kept inside a protected place in the house. The solar module requires periodic dusting for effective performance.


Innovative Design for connecting Lights, Fans, Computers, TV & Air Conditioners.
Saves Electricity bill by more than 50%.
User Friendly Digital Front panel Display.
MOSFET based inverter Technology with SMPS/PWM Charge control System.

Homes, Hostels, Canteens, Restaurants, Shops, Show rooms, Garden lights, Pathway lighting.

World’s latest DSP based technology
Solar UPS comes with Zero drop/MPPT charger based model
State if the art MOSFET based PWM technology with greater efficiency
Micro processor based design
LCD display for AC Out/In, Load, Battery Low status
Intelligent battery management and silent working for all loads
Start circuit/Over load protection

GR 600VA – 12VDc 3 Fans + 3 Lights
GR 800VA – 12VDc 4 Fans + 4 Lights
GR 1000VA – 12VDc 3 Fans + 3 Lights + TV
GR 1500VA – 24VDc 4 Fans + 5 Lights + TV + Computer
GR 2000VA – 36VDc 1 Ton AC or 5 Fans + 5 Lights + TV + Fridge + Computer
GR 3000VA – 48VDc 1.5 Ton AC or 7 Fans + 7 Lights + TV + Fridge + Computer